What to Do if You Hate the Way His Semen Tastes

It's the inquiry that crosses each lady's psyche when she gives her first penis massage: How can a man make his semen (or to be specialized about it, his discharge) taste better? Lamentably, science hasn't deciphered that code yet. 

We know, sort of insane that in 2015, when we can rush over the world in airborne tin jars and send electronic messages in seconds, there's still no momentous approach to spruce up his spunk. All things considered, there are still a couple of things you can attempt. 

However, You Thought You Heard That Pineapples Help... 

You may have heard gossip that pineapples and/or pineapple juice can sweeten a fellow's semen. Some sex specialists wholeheartedly concur. "There are loads of things that can influence the kind of a man's semen," says sexologist Ava Cadell, Ph.D., author of Sexpert.com. She says that when a gentleman smokes, drinks a huge amount of espresso, or eats a considerable measure of garlic or red meat, his jizz will probably be more acidic and less lovely tasting. "To keep semen noticing and tasting better, men ought to drink loads of water and eat a lot of natural product, particularly pineapple and melons," she says. "What's more, sustenances that contain chlorophyll, for example, celery, parsley, and spinach—make semen sweeter." 

When it comes down to it, Cadell says the better your man eats, the better his discharges will taste. "When you don't feel well, your body isn't going to taste sound," she says. On top of hurling the above choices into your staple truck, you could likewise attempt gel strips (like these from Masque) that are intended to kill, or possibly decrease, the essence of semen. (Despite the fact that its important that there's no hard confirmation that they work.) 

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What Does Science Say? 

Sadly, there's fair not any thorough, science-supported information on the subject. Would it be useful on the off chance that somebody attempted testing out different semen-sweetening systems, then reported how well they met expectations? Certainly, however its extreme. "Experimentally scrutinizing this would be an exceptionally troublesome procedure," says Jerry Coyne, Ph.D., educator of nature and advancement at the University of Chicago and creator of Faith versus Actuality. "You could take sperm tests, yet flavor is a subjective wonder taking into account how chemicals respond with receptors in your mind." 

When it comes down to it, there could be a development based purpose for semen's taste. "This is all theory, yet in the event that you consider development, men with better-tasting semen wouldn't have the same number of posterity," says Coyne. It's only not in the human species' best enthusiasm for semen to taste great. "On the off chance that semen possessed a flavor like nectar, I think individuals would have sex less often. That sort of developmental change would be chosen against. Be that as it may, if you could get pregnant by gulping semen, it would taste magnificent. That is the thing that climaxes truly are: a way people have developed to make them need to make love." Doesn't sound so attractive when you put it that way... 

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So What If You Really Hate the Taste. 

"Numerous ladies don't care for semen on the grounds that they say it possesses a flavor like rotten socks—or more terrible," says New York City-based sex advisor Stephen Snyder, M.D. Also, that repugnance for semen's taste is regular. Naturally, things that taste great are intended to be eaten, while things that don't taste great aren't—recall people's more primitive days, when infrequently the main sign something was noxious was the appalling taste, which would provoke you to spit it out. 

What you without a doubt shouldn't do is simply endure the taste on the off chance that you genuinely can't stand it. "On the off chance that again and again you experience a testing or nauseating taste, that is going to create a negative Pavlovian relationship in your psyche," says Snyder. "You would prefer not to do that." That's the reason, more than attempting to modify the essence of your gentleman's semen, you may attempt to decrease how regularly you experience it while as yet verifying you both have a decent time. 

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The uplifting news is that for a gentleman, essentially seeing his part by your lovely face is a tremendous turn-on. Considering that, you can attempt this tip from Snyder: Take the base of your accomplice's penis solidly in your grasp, and put your mouth over the head. That makes the reenactment of profound throating without putting you at danger for choking, in addition to you're fortifying the leader of his penis, which is fantastically touchy. At that point you can simply proceed onward to an option that is other than oral before you need to manage having his spunk in your mouth. 

The Bottom Line 

On the off chance that you despise the way his semen tastes, you can take a stab at urging him to modify his eating regimen, or you could concentrate on exercises that don't include you needing to manage the terrible flavor. Both are legitimate and absolutely hot alterna