How to Take Care of Your Hair After Rebonding

Tips After Rebonding Hair | Numerous individuals with wavy or wavy hair begrudge those with sparkly, straight hair and select substance forms that change their hair into smooth locks. One of the most recent patterns in hair-straightening medications is hair rebonding, a method that uses the same chemicals as in a perm to make the hair straight and afterward seals the hair utilizing level irons. 

While numerous individuals are greatly content with their delightful, smooth hair, this technique can be exceptionally extravagant and time intensive. The way to attempting is to keep up your hair appropriately a while later. Here are some do's and don'ts on dealing with your hair post-treatment. 


Before experiencing the procedure itself, verify you tell your hair specialist your standard hair care schedules and give a succinct history of your hair, including any medicines you've had like unwinding, coloring, or fading. 

Directly after you complete the technique, you ought to have your hair profound molded. 

For shading and sparkle, you can utilize hair cellophane or henna wax on a month to month premise. 

Utilization cleanser and conditioner exceptionally figured to be tender and molding for individuals who have artificially treated hair. Check with your salon to check whether they have any items they suggest. Verify you condition every day and profound condition your hair once per week with protein-improved conditioner (accessible at most hair salons and excellence supply stores). 

Apply a hair coat or serum from a salon that can shield your hair fingernail skin from regular brushing and brushing. 

Plan a touch-up treatment at the salon for four to six months after the beginning treatment to verify your hair stays smooth and sleek. 

Have your hair trimmed all the time to keep part closes from going up the pole of the hair and bringing on significantly more harm. 

Wash your hair with cool water to help it hold dampness. Likewise, just cleanser when you truly require it. Each and every other or each third day is best. 

On the off chance that your hair gets wet from the downpour, wash it at the earliest opportunity in light of the fact that contaminations and different salts from water can be extremely harming. 

Eat a solid eating regimen with loads of nuts and verdant greens to verify your hair is getting the sustenance it needs to stay solid and sound. 

Utilize a wide-tooth brush to get the tangles out of your hair rather than a brush, which can harm your hair. 


Try not to wash or wet your hair at all inside of three days (72 hours) of getting it treated. This incorporates doing anything that will make your hair exceptionally damp with sweat. Additionally, don't utilize cleanser the first week subsequent to getting your hair treated. 

Abstain from tucking your hair behind your ears, utilizing clasps, groups, sticks, and grasps, and doing whatever else that may crimp your hair. Additionally, verify your hair is straight when you rest so it doesn't gain a peculiar shape around evening time. 

Try not to utilize any warmth apparatuses for styling (counting a hair dryer). 

Hold up two months prior to experiencing any perming, shading, highlighting, or other synthetically serious treatment of your hair. 

Abstain from swimming in pools for no less than two weeks after treatment on the grounds that chlorine can harm your hair. Same thing for the shoreline since salt water can be unforgiving on hair. 

Keep your hair out of the sun and UV beams. In case will be in the sun for some time, utilize an item that has SPF in it. 

Verify your hair is shielded from extremely contaminated situations. 

At the point when experiencing month to month support like hot oil, hair wax, or hair cellophane medicines, verify your beautician overlooks the hair steaming step.